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Focus on the Patient – Focus on the Prevention 

Responding to patients’ needs and delivering optimal outcomes along the continuum of care demands a central focus on the patient. Patient-centered care—defined as “the experience (to the extent the informed, individual patient desires it) of transparency, individualization, recognition, respect, dignity, and choice in all matters, without exception, related to one’s person, circumstances, and relationships in health care.” Trauma care structured around the patient experience encompasses seamless care across the continuum of care, a holistic focus on patients’ needs, and proactive consideration of the needs of special populations.

MTCSF addresses significant issues in trauma mortality and morbidity and opportunities for improvement of system performance.

The traumatic injury prevention program is an outreach aims to reduce and prevent work-related injury and death, across all industries, due to acute trauma or violence. To do this, we work closely with healthcare professionals to partner with industry, labor, professional organizations, law enforcement, other government agencies and academia.

Leadership of Mississippi Trauma Care System Foundation


John Gardner,
(601) 368-3325
Kim Hoover,
Vice President
(601) 368-3220
Timothy Moore,
(601) 368-3201
Richard Grimes,
(601) 368-3204

Board of Directors

July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023

  • Tim Moore                                   

President/CEO, Mississippi Hospital Association

  • Hans Tulip, MD                           

Director-at-large, Trauma Medical Director, Anderson Regional Medical Center

  • John Gardner                               

Director, Mississippi Trauma Care System Foundation

  • Jonathan Wilson Ph.D.               

Chairman-Elect Level I Trauma Center, Chief Administrative Officer, University of Mississippi Medical Center

  • Jon Simmons, MD                       

Level I Out-of-State Trauma Center, Professor, Departments of Surgery and Pharmacology Chief, Division of Trauma, Acute Care Surgery, & Burns Trauma Medical Director University of South Alabama School of Medicine 

  • David C. Wilson                            

Level II Trauma Center, President, North Mississippi Medical Center

  • Bill Henning                                   

Chairman Level III Trauma Center, Chief Executive Officer, Baptist North Mississippi – Oxford

  • Richard Williams                          

Level IV Trauma Center, Chief Executive Officer, Field Health Systems

  • Duncan Donald, MD                   

Trauma Surgery, Mississippi Trauma Advisory Committee Chairperson

  • Chuck Carter                                 

CEO AAA Ambulance Service

  • Clayton Cobler                             

Director Metro Ambulance Service

  • Pam Wallis                                    

Director-at-large, Chief Nursing Officer/Vice President Magnolia Regional Hospital

  • Scott Christenson                        

Chairman, Mississippi Hospital Association Board of Governors, Delta Regional Medical Center, CEO (Level III)


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Emergency & Trauma Care Info

trauma support

Trauma Times October-December 2023


October 31, 2023

MTCSF recently provided this group with tourniquet kits after completing their training on Sept. 25, 2023, led by Charles Weathersby, Mississippi State Fire Academy Instructor.

TRAUMA TIMES July-September 2023


August 02, 2023

Trauma Registry: Opportunities for Improvement The Mississippi Trauma Database is extremely important to improving outcomes and making a difference in Mississippi’s care of trauma patients. The accuracy and validity of data entered in the trauma registry are crucial to maintaining the best patient outcomes.