MTCSF advocates for improvements to the Mississippi Trauma System of Care. Through collaboration with stakeholders across the trauma system of care, MTCSF publicly supports and recommends policy changes to improve trauma system efficiency and quality. MTCSF is a communication pipeline to quickly and precisely identify statewide or local advocacy opportunities requiring legislative action.

 MTCSF continually advocates for preventing traumatic events through media awareness programs and publications, survivor stories, and local citizen education.

Our advocacy efforts include partnerships and creating trust, and working together effectively.  The limitation of in-person events with legislative bodies due to COVID-19 restrictions is hampering current advocacy efforts for funding.  MTCSF continues to advocate for the prevention of traumatic events, support educational enhancements in the healthcare and public communities, and encourage funding through efficient management of currently provided Trauma Care Trust Fund distribution.

Current Advocacy Work

Check Back Later for news about active advocacy campaigns we are working on. See these links for additional information.

Advocacy Resources

Mississippi Legislature

Emergency & Trauma Care Info

Trauma Times, March-April 2021


March 30, 2021

MTCSF has contracted with Cvent, a professional event service, to ensure the best in a virtual symposium. The Mississippi Hospital Association will manage registration for the event. Continuing Education credit approvals are pending approval through AXIS. In addition to presentations…

Trauma Times Jan. – Feb. 2021


February 05, 2021

Mississippi Trauma Care System Foundation News MTCSF is pleased to host the first annual statewide trauma symposium. The MSURiley Conference Center was selected as the venue, but that will have to wait until 2022. Out of the abundance of caution, the decision has been made to change the 2021 symposium to a virtual meeting… View […]

Trauma Times August 2020


January 18, 2021

Working with key stakeholders in the Mississippi Trauma Care System, a survey was developed and emailed to over 300 individuals on August 3.