Trauma Times May-Aug 2022

Posted on: July 13,2022

Injury prevention is essential to the trauma program and should be a top priority. Reaching the community to provide injury prevention programs is proving to be more difficult than ever before. Social distancing, travel restrictions, and visitation policies have made reaching the public essentially impossible. How can we continue to provide education and awareness to […]



Trauma Times March-April 2022

Posted on: April 19,2022

The “Leading the Way: Outcomes over Obstacles” Mississippi Trauma Symposium offers participants the opportunity to assemble as a statewide team. Speakers are selected to present past benefits and ongoing work to mature the trauma system of care, focusing on achieving the best outcomes and navigating obstacles. The 2022 theme will highlight the benefits of the […]



Trauma Times January-February 2022

Posted on: February 16,2022

The Mississippi Trauma Care System
Foundation is pleased to host the second annual statewide trauma symposium. The symposium committee selected the MSU Riley Conference Center as the venue.



Trauma Times November-December 2021

Posted on: December 02,2021



Trauma Times September-October 2021

Posted on: October 28,2021

Why Was this Transfer Necessary? You are never too young, too old, or too new tomake a difference. When a transfer is necessary: Definitive care is delayed, and Valuable resources are encumbered….



Trauma Times July-August 2021

Posted on: July 29,2021

Have you participated in any injury prevention events recently? When surveys resume, perhaps some survey readiness information would be helpful…



Trauma Times, May-June 2021

Posted on: June 26,2021

The MTCSF staff placed the final touches on the
2021 Statewide Trauma System Symposium by
personally presenting the winner’s leadership



Trauma Times, March-April 2021

Posted on: March 30,2021

MTCSF has contracted with Cvent, a professional event service, to ensure the best in a virtual symposium. The Mississippi Hospital Association will manage registration for the event. Continuing Education credit approvals are pending approval through AXIS. In addition to presentations…



Trauma Times Jan. – Feb. 2021

Posted on: February 05,2021

Mississippi Trauma Care System Foundation News MTCSF is pleased to host the first annual statewide trauma symposium. The MSURiley Conference Center was selected as the venue, but that will have to wait until 2022. Out of the abundance of caution, the decision has been made to change the 2021 symposium to a virtual meeting… View […]



Trauma Times August 2020

Posted on: January 18,2021

Working with key stakeholders in the Mississippi Trauma Care System, a survey was developed and emailed to over 300 individuals on August 3.


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Trauma Times October-December 2023


October 31, 2023

MTCSF recently provided this group with tourniquet kits after completing their training on Sept. 25, 2023, led by Charles Weathersby, Mississippi State Fire Academy Instructor.

TRAUMA TIMES July-September 2023


August 02, 2023

Trauma Registry: Opportunities for Improvement The Mississippi Trauma Database is extremely important to improving outcomes and making a difference in Mississippi’s care of trauma patients. The accuracy and validity of data entered in the trauma registry are crucial to maintaining the best patient outcomes.